• Surrey Web Designs builds all its websites in a content management system called WordPress with 3rd party plugins to provide functionality. Whilst Surrey Web Designs will do its upmost to implement all available software and security updates from WordPress, we are unable to 100% guarantee protection for your website from all threats and are not liable for any losses during any downtime whilst we get your website back up and running.
  • No hosting companies can guarantee 100% “up time” which generally means that less than 1% visitors may witness a time out when loading your website. Surrey Web Designs cannot accept liability for any loses during down time.
  • Surrey Web Designs builds all websites as responsive layouts. Due to the vast number of different and varying screen sizes and display options, Surrey Web Designs cannot guarantee your website will appear the same in terms of image sizes on all devices.
  • Contact Form applications. Surrey Web Designs uses the most common contact form plugins. All contact applications on your website send an email to your inbox. Depending on your inbox (e.g. outlook) some may treat these as spam emails. It is your responsibility to add these emails as a safe sender to avoid them being sent to your spam box. Surrey Web Designs does not accept any losses due to issues with you receiving email contact notifications.

T&C's – Search Engine Optimization

  • Surrey Web Designs has a proven SEO method, which it has used to get its clients on to the first page of Google search results and guarantees all its clients the implementation of that method. However, Surrey Web Designs must make it clear that we do not own Google (nor does any other web design company) and cannot guarantee your ranking as Google also counts the number of websites linking to yours as a criterion.
  • Surrey Web Designs is unable to guarantee the speed with which Google indexes your website and takes to calculate your ranking position from the time you go live and ongoing ranking as it checks other websites linking to yours.

T&C's - Return of Investment

  • Surrey Web Designs cannot guarantee you will see an increase in product, service or sales as potential clients may have another reason not to use your service (reviews, quality, reputation, prices)

T&C's - billing

  • VALID FOR ALL CLIENTS: Surrey Web Designs will issue invoices when due. Our invoicing date is monthly on the 15th (or next working day if this falls on a weekend) Our payment conditions are 14 days.  Should payment not be received you will receive a further invoice which will incur a late fee.  If payment is not received after the second invoice, then your hosting will be suspended until full payment is made.
  • Annual Hosting Fee (after year 1): Surrey Web Designs will issue an invoice with a break down of your hosting and any other annual licence fee’s for 3rd party functional plugins. If payment is not made within our Terms & Conditions as set out above the same method will be followed.
  • Surrey Web Designs day rate (7 hours) for any alterations or additions to the website will be £150, In the same manner, a half day (3½  hours) These prices are not flexible and make take place at your premises or in our offices.  Once the 3½ hour mark has passed you will be paying a full day rate
  • Surrey Web Designs accepts no responsibility or loss of business during hosting suspension or changes to Google ranking as a result.
  • Surrey Web Designs always prefers its clients to purchase their own domains from a reputable domain provider such as Godaddy. If Surrey Web Designs are asked to purchase your domain on your behalf, failure to pay your invoice within our Terms & Conditions set out above may result in Surrey Web Designs not purchasing your domain on its annual renewal. We accept no liability in any loss of business if your domain is lost or not available for repurchase.

T&C's - Support

  • Dynamic support: The term used to describe additional new content (pages, blog entries, products, social media updates) being added to your website. Surrey Web Designs charges for the time to add such content. This is done on either a monthly retainer, full day or half day rate, and will be invoiced in accordance with the Terms & Conditions for billing as stated above in bold, underlined characters.
  • Website down: Surrey Web Designs is committed to supporting your website and will endeavour to get your website back up and running. This may require help from 3rd parties and accepts no responsibility in the time it takes for the 3rd party to respond or act.
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