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Skyfall Property is an online property agent with high end property listings located in European ski resorts. The company had employed two other web designers who were unable to deliver a functional property listing, that had multiple filters to refine search results.


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About the project

Most UK property agents use 3rd party websites like “Right Move” which are not suitable for the guys at Skyfall Property and therefore were not using any agentOS such as Jupex, which we are experienced with.

We therefore made the decision to start from scratch. We confirmed with the team what information they wanted in each property (number of rooms, bedrooms, facilities, price, location etc) and created a universal template used for each property listing that the guys simply filled out to auto generate a listing in less than 5 minutes.

The next part was to generate an overview listing page and create the agreed filters to refine searches. These were created as AJAX filters so that the listing page results changed as the visitor activated them without having to use an “apply” button.

We also created “call back request” forms that were emailed automatically to the agent looking after that listing.

Client Review

David & the company was absolutely great. Not only did he go the extra mile and share his own insights but he stayed after hours helped us through issues and came through with a beautiful final product. We were let down by 2 other companies before David and now, we never need another contact again, as David has our full trust. Thank you again

Alexander James

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