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Tom is a prolific collector of surplus American military Humvee vehicles. Imported from the US, he sells on old vehicles when he imports new ones to other collectors. He also sells parts that are part of bulk purchases.

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What we delivered.

Site Features

Every project we develop requires specific, tailored features to help our clients achieve their goals for their website. With this project we added the following:
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Live Messenger
Social Media Accounts
Logo Design
Dynamic Forms
Mailing List Integration
Social Share Buttons
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About the project

We created an ecommerce store where he could list vehicles for store and list spare parts. We created an interactive section on the homepage where visitors could learn the reasons why they should buy from Tom, rather than other collectors.

Tom is very prolific on social media, so we add a live chat Facebook messenger widget, so potential buyers could talk to him about any vehicles they were interested in.

We also added a detailed bio on Toms life with military vehicles and added social media share icons on the footer set for the page the visitor is looking at.

Since Tom is American and into exclusive American vehicles, we used the colours of the USA flag.

Highly recommended awesome service! I needed a new website with a custom template and ecommerce to sell my products and promote my services. These guys delivered a new, great looking mobile friendly website in less than a week, which I love and represents my products and services.

Tom D.