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Jollies House is an Ofsted registered private day nursery in Shepperton, with a curriculum that encompasses a wide variety of activities. The team are very proactive on social media and using 3rd party communications software that allows parents to montior their children remotely.


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About the project

We developed a new replacement website featuring additional functions that:

  • Allowed parents to download a child communications app so parents could monitor their children
  • Highlighted the nursery’s accreditations to install consumer confidence
  • Dedicated pages for each age group, placing an emphasis on the USP of outdoor activities and trips
  • Embedded Social Media feeds which parents could look at and provide a better insight for potential parents.

Fully optimised for mobile, the colour scheme was developed from the artwork developed by a friend of the client. The fonts selected provided a balance of fun and professionalism, whilst the imagery was that of images taken in the nursery.

The sticky menu bar ensures that wherever the visitor is on what ever page, they can see the nursery’s telephone number and email to help improve conversions.

Client Review

Great service, great website. David got exactly what we wanted in our site and gave us more than we expected. Prompt and reliable, really positive communication and listened to everything we asked for. David has been in touch after everything has finished to help with anything else we need. Would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Branch Manager

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