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GittGo is a digital networking platform that identify the short comings in other B2B networking companies. They wanted a digital platform that had detailed profiles of businesses and the ability for members to upload offers for members. The next phase of the business was to develop a concierge service that was free for the public to use. They would then be connected with GittGo approved members.

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What we delivered.

Site Features

Every project we develop requires specific, tailored features to help our clients achieve their goals for their website. With this project we added the following:
Content SEO
Schema SEO
Speed Optimisation
Google My Business
Social Media Accounts
Member Functions
Copy Writing
Dynamic Forms
3rd Party Software

About the project

We decided to create a general business website for members of the public to use the concierge service, but also explain to potential members what GittGo was and how it could help grow their business.

The concierge service works by a member of the public filling out a 4-line form, which is then emailed to GittGo who then sources the trade or professional.

The next step was developing the members digital platform. For this we decided to create regional websites for each regional club.

We created a new type of WordPress user account, so that we could make the websites member only. Once logged in, members are directed to their portal. From there, they can upload special offers via a form that auto generates offers in a listing (has to be admin vetted) page.

To generate the member profiles, we created a form that once completed auto generates the listing, which is accessed via the members directory (again auto populated) and approved by an admin.

We decided on the fields we wanted in the profile, such as galleries, logos, services, accreditations, Google My Business Reviews, payment methods, property access etc
To date, there are eight regional club websites, fully managed by SurreyWebDesigns.

Coming soon.