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CVRTPro is the worlds largest supplier of parts and engines for the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked family of vehicles and is one of four websites built for the same client.

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What we delivered.

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Every project we develop requires specific, tailored features to help our clients achieve their goals for their website. With this project we added the following:
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cvrt pro

About the project

The CVR(T) was a group of vehicles initially developed for the British Army, but can now be find in other European countries, Africa, Asia and Middle East. As the number vehicles has been reduced by the army and some models retired, these vehicles have been released for private ownership and there are now hundreds privately owned.

CVRTPro was to be a new website with the requirement to list CVRT products, categorised by vehicle model, and listed by official part number, with the ability to add new products to the website inhouse.

We developed an ecommerce system that categorised parts by vehicle models. We initially populated the website with hundreds of parts whilst teaching the team how to add parts to it.

We highly recommend this company. They have delivered 4 websites for each division of our company, each ranking on page 1 of Google. They have also provided us with product branding such as brochures and business cards.

Andrew Baker